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Local Online Advertising Baton Rouge is a locally-owned and operated business based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We also maintain a branch office in Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisiana and Longwood, Florida.


We Are NOT In The “Advertising Selling” Business…
We ARE In The “Selling Your Product” Business

We don’t sell advertising. We build selling SYSTEMS.

Mike and Beryl Stokes are the local founders, owners, and chief rainmakers.

What does this mean for YOU?

I think it is reasonable to say that very few, IF ANY, of the advertising and marketing salespeople that call on you have ever owned their own business, or have ever invested their own hard-earned money into advertising or marketing.

We have and still do invest our own money in advertising and marketing.

Whereas there are probably hundreds of media outlets offering to sell you “advertising”, our mission is to help you turn your “ordinary” business into an extraordinary business that completely dominates your market.

At Local Online Advertising Baton Rouge our focus is on YOUR business, YOUR story, YOUR discoverability, YOUR profitability, YOUR success.

What can we do for YOU?

Consider what we did for a local couple working out of a two-bedroom apartment…

A local Baton Rouge husband and wife team – costume jewelry makers and sellers, making barely enough money to support themselves and their infant daughter, brought Mike Stokes in as a consultant to get them on track.

The following year sales exploded exponentially, and had an additional huge increase the following year as well. Mike also set up a production facility in Taiwan to help meet their increased demand.

Young family is on top of the world.

Are you producing a product that you’d like to see go BIG?

Or consider a 178 square foot kiosk in New Orleans selling earrings…

Owned and operated by a lady with no previous retail experience whose entire livelihood depended on the success of this retail store.

In three years, Mike grew that one little store into a 46-store chain across 14 states and was instrumental in taking ear-piercing out of the doctor’s office and into the malls.

Do you have a retail business that you think is ready to grow BIG?

Then there was a locally owned lingerie store in Lafayette, LA. Business was so bad the owners decided to walk away from it.

To save them from being hounded by creditors and sued in court, Mike agrees to take over the business and pay off the business debts for the couple.

Mike adds swimwear and resort wear to the product line-up, and begins doing lunchtime fashion shows in local restaurants.

The fashion shows are hugely successful and profitable, and Mike expands the shows into Baton Rouge, then into Texas, Mississippi, Florida, and Georgia, generating huge profits and creating a new retailing niche.

Do you have a business that may have greater success if you change direction?

And then there’s a foodie blog started as a hobby to document and video family recipes…

Mike turns the recipes into a cookbook that goes to #1 on Amazon, and then produces a weekly broadcast television program – Cajun Cooking TV.

Do you have a hobby you’d like to turn into a revenue stream?

That’s what we do – We Turn IDEAS Into INCOME.

What this means for YOU is that we can help you find EXTRA INCOME opportunities in your business, help you generate NEW CUSTOMERS on demand, help you create CUSTOMER LOYALTY so that your customers will drive past your competitors to do business with YOU, and create income-generating ASSETS that will keep on paying you over and over.

If you and your family own and operate a successful local business, let’s have a cup of coffee and see what hidden assets we can uncover in YOUR business that we can turn into more income for you and your family.

Local Online Advertising Baton Rouge

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