Facebook Advertising Baton Rouge

Facebook Advertising in Baton Rouge

As a leader in Facebook advertising in Baton Rouge, we understand the ins and outs of what Facebook advertising is all about.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is meant to make people aware of your services and get them curious about your brand, product or service.

If you are new to Baton Rouge, this is a wonderful way to get the word out that you are here.

And, for those that are established, this is a wonderful way to get a sort of buzz going around about your brand.

It will help bring in sales and warm leads. However, it is not like other pay per click advertising.

People are not searching for your product or service and you are on the top of search engines.

They are being targeted in their social media, on which they are just trying to connect with friends and family.

So, that means that your advertising there needs to have a very creative copy to grab their attention. This is something we have perfected.

Getting your Baton Rouge brand recognized

If you’re wanting more business or just more exposure to who you are and what you do, we can help.

Getting your brand out there and recognized is important in Baton Rouge, as it is in any area.

You need people to have your name in their mind when they need your services or products.

Our goal as one of the top Facebook advertising agencies in Baton Rouge is to make that happen.

We want people to think of you when they need you. And, that is the power of Facebook advertising.

When we set up your Facebook marketing, we will be tracking everything that is happening. Our goal is to target your perfect audience.

If you have an idea of who that is, that is always helpful. If you don’t have an idea though, we can do some marketing research and determine this for you.

We will then set up and produce an ad that would be appealing to that set of people.

This is an important step as an ad to older people is completely different than an ad to the younger generation.

Which is where our expertise comes in.

We can then market to the local community in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas for just those kinds of people.

This will make your marketing more effective and keep the costs down at the same time.

Once we have an ad set up, we will run it and see how things go.

Often there is some tweaking involved.

Certainly, there is analyzing all along the way to ensure we are targeting the right group and see what works best to get what action it is that we are looking for.

This is important for the overall Facebook advertising Baton Rouge to work properly and get you results fast.

Unlike SEO or other marketing, Facebook advertising should get you results fairly quickly.

That means that you can run these ads for more sales and brand recognition.

Internet Marketing Service Baton Rouge

Internet Marketing Service Baton Rouge

If you’ve arrived at Local Online Advertising Baton Rouge, then you’ve likely been looking for an internet marketing service in Baton Rouge.

Internet Marketing Service Baton Rouge
Internet Marketing Service Baton Rouge

Our team wants to extend a BIG welcome to you and your business.

We are the only local online advertising agency in Baton Rouge that exclusively caters to local and family owned businesses.

Our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you create legacy income with your family owned business at a cost that’s reasonable to your budget.

Created by Local Baton Rouge Entrepreneurs Like You

Our team isn’t like other Baton Rouge advertising agencies.

We were created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

We know the struggles you face as a small business owner, and we also know what it takes to break the threshold and achieve the success you’re looking for.

We Know Internet Marketing

One of the biggest keys to your success as a local small business is online advertising, yet internet marketing is so very under-leveraged by Baton Rouge entrepreneurs.

With more and more consumers looking for local companies like yours from the palm of their hands, now is the time to make sure you’ve got a strong online presence.

Local Online Advertising Baton Rouge has the know-how in SEO and social media marketing to help you get ahead in the local market.

We’ll help you rank higher in search ratings and get in front of local markets.

Local Internet Marketing Tailored to Your Business

We aren’t offering a cookie cutter service because that wouldn’t do you any good.

Unlike other internet marketing services in Baton Rouge, we create custom solutions and marketing systems that are specifically made for your company.

This ensures the most success for your marketing campaigns, thus increasing your ROI along the way.

We’re here to help you make a great marketing investment that yields real results time and time again.

All at a Reasonable Investment

As the premier internet marketing service in Baton Rouge, we know how important your budget is.

We offer the best marketing systems at a budget-friendly cost. Our team is here to help you get ahead without breaking the bank.

Contact Us

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling on your local online advertising campaign, contact our team today. We look forward to working with you!

Mike Stokes
Jubilee Media Group LLC
Local Online Advertising Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge Information Business

What are you REALLY selling?

“You’re really in the Baton Rouge Information Business.”

You may THINK you’re in the Baton Rouge chiropractic business…

or the Baton Rouge attorney at law business…

or the Baton Rouge landscaping business…

or the Baton Rouge restaurant business…

or the business of whatever product or service  it is that your company sells in Baton Rouge…


 Baton Rouge Information Business
You’re Really in the Baton Rouge Information Business

You’re NOT in the chiropractic business.
You’re in the INFORMATION business.

You’re NOT in the attorney business.
You’re in the INFORMATION business.

You’re NOT in the landscaping business.
You’re in the INFORMATION business.

You’re NOT in the (insert any business here) business.
You’re in the INFORMATION business.

No matter what business you may think you’re in…
You’re REALLY in the INFORMATION business.

You’re IN the business of producing and distributing INFORMATION that relates to your patient’s/client’s/customer’s problems and/or hopes and dreams.

Once you grasp this concept, your business will begin to take off BIG-TIME.

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Local Online Advertising Baton Rouge

We Turn “Ordinary” Businesses Into
Extraordinary Money Machines

Is Your Business Prospering or Just Surviving?

Stop Spinning Your Wheels… Create a Marketing System with a skilled and experienced marketing team that is quietly and under-the-radar building powerful marketing machines for their clients.

A businessman is running on a hamster wheel fruitlessly chasing a dollar bill hanging just outside his reach representing many financial business concepts
Stop Spinning Your Wheels

Learn HOW TO –
Market ANY Product or Service
Market ANY Business or Practice

Learn HOW TO –
Generate your own highly targeted and qualified leads.

Learn HOW TO –
Create a Marketing System that will –
Generate quality, targeted leads.
Pre-Sell your prospects on doing business with YOU, erase your advertising costs, and turn an up-front PROFIT.

Learn HOW TO –
Set up a Quick-Link System (think funnels) to automate your “prospect education” process.
Let your prospects sell themselves before you even talk with them.

Learn HOW TO –
Keep your prospects in your “loop”, so that when their TIMING is right, you’re the person they turn to when

Learn HOW TO –
Set up and provide a meaningful follow-up NEWSLETTER to keep your prospects in your system, and your name and face in front of them.

Learn HOW TO –
Utilize marketing SKILLS, TECHNIQUES and TOOLS that you thought were only reserved for the heavy hitters.

Learn HOW TO –
Build a thriving business that will work FOR you, and NOT the other way around – where YOU work for the business.

ALL of this Done-for-You PLUS…
We’ll even TRAIN your staff to handle your basic marketing activities.

Does this sound like something you would like in your life?

How do you find out more?

DOWNLOAD our FREE booklet and discover how YOU can put your business on the FAST-TRACK today.

FREE Business Growth System Booklet

Even better and faster, call Mike Stokes right now.

Using Systems for Business Income

Understanding and Using Systems for Making Business Income

A SYSTEM for making money is anything that allows you to make money without your own continued effort.

In other words, it’s an automated way to make money.

All true ASSETS are simply “systems” of one sort or another.

If your BUSINESS has a systematic way of making money, it is an ASSET.

If not, it is a JOB (called self-employment).

A BUSINESS SYSTEM will do the “job” of creating BUSINESS INCOME.

Once you create or invest in a proven system for making money, there is no limit to the money you can make.

Nest Full Of Golden Eggs, Man holding a golden egg on black background. Financial success.
A Money System Is Like A Golden Goose That Lays Golden Eggs

Becoming a master of money systems is how you create wealth.

Want to turn your business into an ASSET that creates INCOME?

Get our FREE Business Growth System Booklet.


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Does Failure Truly Exist?

Does Failure Truly Exist?

Or, is it simply an inaccurate match up of expectations and strengths?

Could it be that people are not successes or failures but merely individuals in the right or wrong expectation environment?
(From Soar with Your Strengths)

Could this be WHY you have not had the SUCCESS in your business that you should have had by now?

Simply because you are not matching up the right ingredients of product, market and skill level?

Maybe, just maybe, it’s TIME that YOU connect with a TEAM that knows the ropes in this game…

We can help…

This is a BIG problem that we fix for businesses just like yours every day.

Small business advertising and marketing is what we do.

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Are You Getting Referrals?

Are you getting enough referrals for your local family-owned business?

If you’re providing great service to your clients/customers, and are NOT getting a LOT of referrals…

It’s probably because your MESSAGE is NOT unique enough, clear enough, and specific enough so that people know what to say about you.

Young woman portrait over grey background
What’s Your Message?

This is a BIG problem that we fix for businesses every day.

Small business advertising and marketing is what we do.

Get our FREE booklet that shows you how to do exactly that.

FREE Business Growth System Booklet
Printed 20-page booklet will be mailed to you by USPS First Class Mail (in U.S. only).

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