Why Your Local Business Needs Local Online Advertising

Your Local Business Needs Local Online Advertising

So why do you need Local Online Advertising if your business is “doing OK”?

Even if your local area business is doing great in our new economy, most businesses could still handle more new business.

How do you get more new business and more new customers?

You BUY them.

Yes, you read that right – the easiest and most productive way to get more business is to get more customers

And the easiest and most productive way to get more customers is to buy them.

So where and how to you “buy new customers”?

You buy advertising.

Local Online Advertising
Local Online Advertising

And don’t be like so many business owners who mistakenly think that advertising is an “expense.”

Sure, ineffective advertising is an expense, and a waste of money.

But, EFFECTIVE advertising is an INVESTMENT – an investment in NEW CUSTOMERS.

And effective advertising provides a return on investment (called ROI) in the way of increased sales and profits.

Did you know that studies have shown that 84% of the people that are looking for a business to provide a product or service are now going online “Googling it” rather than looking in the phone book.

Can these potential new customers find YOU when they search online?

If not, do you realize that you are not even in the game to get any of this new business?

84% is a LOT of new business to miss out on.

Some Baton Rouge business is going to get this new business…

It may as well be YOU.

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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