Selling Your Business in Baton Rouge?

Thinking About Selling Your Baton Rouge Business?

Say you have a hamburger stand and you’re ready to retire, so you’re thinking about selling your business.

Selling Your Baton Rouge Business May Be Difficult
Selling Your Baton Rouge Business May Be Difficult

So you want to sell it to fund your retirement…

What do you think you can get for it?

Quite often, when people are hoping to sell their business, they have a hard time finding a buyer.

Sure, you may own the real estate and building, and you will probably be able to sell that for something.

But your business that you’ve worked so hard to build up over the years – most likely will not fetch you much, if any, cash.

On the other hand, what if you owned a McDonald’s hamburger stand?

You could sell it for a LOT of money, even if you didn’t own the real estate and building.

Selling Your Baton Rouge Business or Your Business System?

Why the difference?

Well, a typical hamburger stand is really just a job selling hamburgers for the owner and her family.

Whereas, a McDonald’s hamburger stand is a MONEY MACHINE.

A BIG difference.

People will BUY a money machine.

Not so much a business that’s really just a job for the owner.

And this applies to a hamburger stand, a medical practice, a law firm, any type of business…

How can YOU get more money for YOUR business?

Before you try to sell it, you turn YOUR business into a money machine just like a McDonald’s.

Any viable business can be turned into a money machine – just like Ray Kroc turned a hamburger stand in California into the McDonald’s empire you know today.

Being a money-machine business doesn’t just happen on its own – it involves a strategic process, a blueprint if you will.

A clearly defined blueprint that is implemented strategically over time.

And it’s way easier NOW than it was when Ray Kroc created McDonald’s – because all you have to do now is follow Ray’s blueprint.

You can begin today to turn your good business into a predictable money machine.

That’s what we do.

Mike Stokes
Jubilee Media Group LLC

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