Turn Your Business Into A 7-Figure Money Machine

How To Turn Your Business Into
A 7-Figure Money Machine

Introducing our “Five-Step Business Re-Invention Process”…

Great businesses don’t just happen.

They require a lot of work, foresight, and planning.

Most business owners are great at what they do, but do not have experience in MAJOR-LEAGUE marketing strategies and know-how.

In fact, the primary reason most businesses fail is because they don’t do marketing or they don’t do it correctly.

There’s a BIG difference between being a great optometrist, chiropractor, attorney, or other service provider, and creating a great business system.

Who Is the Hamburger Millionaire
Who Is the Hamburger Millionaire?

Do you think McDonald’s has the best hamburgers around?

No, they have the best business system around.

Do you think Domino’s has the best pizza in town?

Nope. They had the best marketing approach in the industry.

We’ve created a unique “Five-Step Business Re-Invention Process” that will re-define, re-position, and re-invent your business to give it new life and a clear path to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted or will want.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is heart surgery, a restaurant, a law office, or a roofing contractor…

If you’re serious about wanting to build a business that will provide you with both the income and the lifestyle you want…

Here’s an outline of that process, and the order the steps should follow:

STEP 1. You’ve got to decide: What Do You Want Your Business to Do For You and Your Family?

1. What you really want.

2. What will make you happy.

What is the lifestyle you want your business to provide for you and your family?

This step is critical, because most people don’t know where they’re going or what they want out of life.

Any success, prosperity, and happiness they get are just by accident.

STEP 2: You’ve got to decide: What Specific Work Do You Want to Perform?

1. What you do best.

2. Who will you serve (sell to).

3. What you will do (or provide) for them.

You may think you’re selling a shovel, but your customer is buying a hole.

Step 3: You’ve got to: Deliver Something That People WANT

1. Create value (people buy value, not stuff).

2. Monetize that value.

You must add value to your product or service and “package” it to add even more value.

Step 4: You’ve got to: Determine HOW You Will Acquire These Customers

1. Generate leads.

Will you pay out the nose for a yellow pages ad and try to get people’s attention on a (yellow) page along side of ALL of your competitors?

Or will you focus in on your ideal customers in your ideal target market with laser-focused local online advertising?

2. Convert those leads into sales.

This is a process; it doesn’t just happen on its own.

Step 5: You’ve got to: LEVERAGE What You Do

1. Build systems and processes to do what you do.

2. Automate marketing and sales either through SYSTEMS or PEOPLE.

To grow, your SYSTEMS need to do the work, and you MANAGE your systems.

I hope these marketing insights help you and your business!

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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How To Turn Your Business Into
A 7-Figure Money Machine

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