Turn Your Good Business Into a GREAT Business

How To Turn Your Good Business
Into A GREAT Business And
A Daily Income Machine

Would you like your business to turn into a Daily Income Machine that could double, triple, or even quadruple your sales and the amount of money you put in your pocket every month?

This simple business makeover plan will do that for you.

Your Message

Basically, your MESSAGE is WHAT do you say to people AND what you want people to know and think about YOU.

Big Idea
Your BIG Idea

Your BIG Idea – Your BIG Idea is what grabs your market’s attention by presenting your “promise” (what you say you can do for them) in a new and unusual way.

Your USPYour USP is what separates YOU from all of your competitors. Your USP, or Unique Selling Proposition is the answer to this question:

Why should a customer buy your product or service,
instead of buying it from anybody else that sells similar stuff?

Your Story – The value in creating a compelling STORY about you and your business is that it enables people to have a personal connection with you.

Write Your Business Story
Those who tell the stories rule society – Quote by Plato

Your Market

This is WHO you’re going to sell your product or service to.

Your Ideal Client – This is about identifying, attracting, and doing business with the right customers. We’re talking about long-term success here.

Your Niche – You can’t be everything for everybody. If you think everyone is your ideal prospect or client, the reality is NO ONE is your ideal candidate.

The idea is to choose a particular segment of your market – your niche, and set out to be the market leader – to OWN that particular piece of the market. Then repeat.

Your Media

WHERE will you find your IDEAL CLIENTS so you can deliver your message?

And, HOW will your ideal clients find YOU?

Your Lead Generation System

Lead generation is a more comprehensive approach to marketing that almost nobody practices. It will definitely set you apart and help you dominate your market space.

Your Sales System

Do you want fries with that?” Those six words are worth 6 BILLION Dollars to McDonald’s every year

Your Sales Funnel – Your sales funnel is your KEY to maximizing your sales.

Your Lead Magnet – A lead magnet is what makes interested people respond to your lead generation ad.

Your Value Ladder – Your value ladder moves your customer along your path of additional product/service sales.

Your Ascension Products – Your ascension plan is a pre-determined path your clients move along from level to level of increasingly valuable products or services.

Your Continuity Products – A continuity program creates recurring income that can cover your overhead.

A membership program or club is one of the best growth drivers for your business.

When you turn your customers into members, you can maintain the relationship for life.

Your Follow-Up System

The highest return on investment you’ll get in your business is to keep your clients buying from you over and over again.

Your List – Your customers are your most valuable asset. You want to stay in touch with them.

(And if you decide to sell your business, your database of customers could be the most valuable part of your business.)

Where do you want YOUR business to be 90 days from now?
What do you want to accomplish?
What are your challenges?
What’s stopping you?

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